Here are some of the commonly asked questions we get from our customers:

What kind of storage do you offer?

We offer annual winter or summer indoor storage for your trailered boats, cars, trucks, ice fish house, trailered snowmobiles, or other recreational vehicles that you want to be kept out of the weather elements.

What types of storage does LockTight Storage offer?

We offer both indoor summer and winter storage. How we handle access to items depends on the storage season.

Our storage type depends on the season. During the winter months, we offer storage that has very limited access to your items. Our sheds are full and it is very difficult to move them around safely.

Our summer storage does offer the ability to access your things, take them for a period of time and bring them back when you are done with them. We are typically there to ensure things are moved around safely or can set them out of the shed for a short time before you come.

What information do I need to provide to LockTight Storage to receive an accurate quote?

We need to know the size of your unit so we can get you an accurate quote. On our Contact Us form, we have a spot for the Length, Width, and Height (for vehicles taller than 12'). Many times the boat will be a 17' boat but when it is sitting on the trailer it could be a total of 22' in length total (due to the front of the motor and trailer).

What is the process for finalizing storage with LockTight Storage?

Contact us and we will verify that we have space available, as well as, answer any questions you may have regarding our facilities. In some instances, we may not be able to take your item as we may not have room or it may not be a good fit for what we are good at storing. We will then arrange a date and time that works to put your unit away.

What information does LockTight Storage need from me?

We need a copy of your insurance on your boat, trailer, RV or recreational vehicles for our records. When we are done we will make a copy of the contract and return to you the original insurance papers on the unit. We are happy to say we have never had a need for this, it is a requirement for my insurance and the state of WI.

Where are you located?

We are centrally located between Red Wing, MN, Prescott, and River Falls, WI. Roughly 10-15 mins from any one of these small communities. Or we are 45 mins southeast of the Twin Cities. Feel free to check out our Contact Us page for more online directions.

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